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Events and conferences get you scores of possibilities. You will never know how much you can scale the benefits of arranging one. Corporate events are the best source of interaction with not only clients but help lead generation and build relations with new prospects; because yes, after all, a company depends on these major factors. Arranging corporate events allows people to interact with other fellow executives and customers to know them better and to build a resource-rich business which in turn benefits the company even more. It has indeed become not only a need for business but also an integral part of it.

It is also important to keep the data and statistics under check as this data generated or collected at/ for such events can be of great use when it comes to lead generation. Also, you just don’t invite people by sending out invitations and then what? You must plan and set goals for your events to achieve the maximum output. It’s imperative that you study the people you are looking forward to meeting and do business with.


CXO Level has been to the forefront collaborating with the best businesses in the industry to manage delegates profiling for events and conferences which in a way also allow in collecting the data for future prospecting. This data extracted is around the delegates/ participants who are in the event. This not only adds value to your existing database with more accurate information but also allows you to get a step closer into creating contacts with the best in the industry.

The most interesting fact about events and conferences is that the data that we are in context talking of is of utmost importance; the data collected before the event and after the event, both have a typical significance with respect to the aim that we have having. The data extracted before the event or conference, collected through the conference and after the conference can get you a lot of revenue and also make your business grow manifolds.

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Apart from extracting data, there is interaction with the industry experts that lets you have an in-depth insight into your products/ services as well.

The data collected determines also what type of audiences you are attracting the most. It also tells you a real-time analysis of how well the marketing strategy has worked. Doing the data analysis both before and after the event is thus very important to the kind of target audience you want to gather. While improving the experience of the people at events to gathering the most valuable data CXO Level stays with you through all of it.

The data collected is then analysed and processed in every bit possible to get the most readable and understandable data which can be leveraged to get more benefits out of arranging an event. CXO Level knows the value of database in the world of digital marketing and makes gold out of this opportunity where hundreds of executes are themselves present. Our team at CXO Level consisting of data analysts and data architects get the value of the event database and conference database till the last drop.

We follow an orchestrated process to generate qualified leads in the event:

      - Developing Target attendee list: The first step to making sure you get a positive ROI from an event is acquiring data
      - Mapping the executives: Our events team set us on the right path by creating as many opportunities as possible for us to engage and scan high-quality leads
      - Scheduling meetings with the key decision makers who are attending the event
      - Lead Management- Generating the leads is only half the battle because a lead is only as good as the new business it brings in.
      - Also play a key role in vendor identification, managing entertainment, keynote speaker, logistics, hotels etc.

Therefore it is imperative to have interactive events and conferences arranged as it not only is a wise choice to have huge target audience at one place but also do digital marketing online, or to have a few social tweets and online hashtags running around & implement the quote of “people buy from people”. These ideas will definitely pave the way for better sales and revenue while also building interpersonal relationships and provide a great deal of motivation to the employees, leads and customers.

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How It Works

If expanding your business is your main agenda then developing accurate target account list and managing of the corporate database is the foremost thing. Entering into a new market represents a huge investment for any organization, but an accurate database will you give you a fair share of idea regarding the competitive market. Good data is one important tool that can help entrepreneurs to make wise decisions for the expansion of the organization.